Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pentecost 19a - Psalm 1

Psalm 1
If the first psalm was written by David it must have been penned before he lingered on the balcony above Bathsheba or walked in his own evil counsel concerning Uriah the Hittite. Maybe the truth of “happy are they” can only be fully known when one has spent time with one’s own sinfulness and realized the seats of the scornful are hard and unforgiving which is what you become when you sit in them. In the end “the man after God’s own heart” was not blown away like the chaff in a west Texas wind but the sword never left his house and “Absalom, Absalom, my son, my son” is as deep a lament as “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” The truth about us is that we are all guilty of listening to less than fruitful counsel and we are comfortable in unforgiving seats. But like trees who had nothing to do with where they were planted we are fortunate to find ourselves drinking deep from the stream of living water that is Jesus, who though righteous was numbered with the wicked.

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