Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent 4b - 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16

2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16
David may believe his desire to upgrade God from tent to temple is all about God but truth is David is embarrassed Israel’s God is housed in such a humble abode. More to the point, such a humbly housed God is a poor reflection on the new king on the block, which is why David needs God to move uptown into a temple of gold and stone and cedar. We lust after bigger buildings and consider churches that house ten thousand more significant than "two or three gathered in my name" who love the Lord with their whole lives. The church may be built to glorify God but it magnifies the power and prestige of the humans that build it. If bigger is better why did God choose a manger in a stable and an unwed teenage girl to birth the Messiah into a world that would despise his teaching so much it would attempt to shut him up by nailing him to wood? The upgrade God desires is not a church made of stone but a permanent dwelling place in your heart.

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  1. Different kinds of congregations speak to different populations. As a mega-church member, for me the attraction of very large congregations is their broad appeal. I like going to church with people who have little or no personal church experience, and I truly enjoy and am lifted up by seeing many others begin the journey of faith.
    I get the David parallels. The guy often comes off as a self-serving egomaniac. I personally think David was pretty much a jerk. But, look how God used David, even with his many flaws.
    Church size is off the point. God makes a permanent dwelling place in the hearts of people in very small and very large congregations, and everything in between. There isn't any perfect church, only a perfect Savior.