Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 1b - conclusion

Seraphina got a Parelli® bit for Christmas which turned out to be a great gift for me as well, or anyone else who rides my Arabian mare. It’s like she’s a different horse although it may be that with this bit I’m a different rider. Lisa, love of my life, but sometimes annoying know it all equestrian (because she is) tells me it’s because “Phina” fought against the snaffle we were using since it put undue pressure on her tongue. The Parelli bit doesn’t do that and consequently she doesn’t act like she has a piece of metal in her mouth. I think there is something to be said for the practice of religion that does not put undue pressure on our lives so that we are always in some way fighting against it. Even very pious people that deserve our admiration and seem to have it altogether don’t appear to enjoy it very much. On the other hand those who live without boundaries hurt themselves and others and would benefit from a bit that curbs their enthusiasm. But when horse and rider are one there is nothing more exhilarating or beautiful. So is it is with the life of faith when we respond to the cues of the Lord when the bit is not a burden but a blessing.

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