Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Epiphany 6b - Psalm 30

Psalm 30
Our son Joshua, in his second semester at Cisco Jr. College, posted this on FB.  “With everything going on Cisco has taught me to be mentally strong and persevere. With these and God I can accomplish and get through anything.” Psalm 30 would agree and Lisa and I are incredibly proud of the young man our boy has become. But it doesn’t happen without heartache does it? Weeping in the night sometimes does not go away with daylight and dancing is difficult when your feet are mired in the mud of life. But that is why we have each other and so the mental strength and ability to persevere comes to us through the God who gifts us with community, and FB certainly qualifies as a place where the Spirit encourages and strengthens us - not unlike what this preacher father and the folks at Calvary do on Sunday morning - a face to face time to get together to share a word from the Book and give thanks to the God who enables us to get through.

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