Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2b - conclusion

I’ve been riding my mare Seraphina (the fiery one) on the streets of Richland Hills to get her ready for her Western Worship debut this Sunday. Yesterday I rode around town with Bob who was riding Duke. Seraphina was interested in Duke’s pedigree until she realized he was a gelding. Unfortunately all the boy horses in her life are fixed. Western Worship at Calvary is one of the highlights of our church year even though the Sunday after Easter is generally known as “low” Sunday. The lilies have faded. The trumpets have been put away. The Christmas / Easter pilgrims return to their Sunday rituals while the faithful return to familiar pews. As exciting as it is to see a full church on Easter it is the Sunday after, and all those that follow, that is more moving to me as those who make a weekly pilgrimage to the sanctuary live each day as the blessed who have not seen and yet believe.  

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