Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Resurrection of our Lord Year B - Mark 16:1-8

Mark 16:1-8
It is a strange way to end a story when clearly the women who “said nothing to anyone” must have told something to someone. Then again all the Gospels agree that the reality of resurrection was beyond the ability of the witnesses to comprehend. In the Gospel of Mark being seized by amazement and terror is the tongue tying factor. “Do not be alarmed” wasn’t enough as walking away from the unbelievable they kept their mouths shut, but maybe in the conversations that followed – did you see what I saw? – tongues were loosened and they began to describe what could not be described. Are we any different? We accept as Gospel truth what we cannot describe or understand but at the intersection of the terror of death and the amazement of what waits for us in resurrection our tongues are still tied, not by fear but by an indescribable and glorious hope.

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