Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter 4b - Acts 4:5-12

Acts 4:5-12
The same Peter who cowered in courtyard and wept bitterly because of it has become the rock who will not back down even when confronted by the powers that be who “crucified Christ”. But that is what resurrection can do to you that the cross cannot. I don’t mean that we neglect the mandate to preach Christ crucified. We wouldn’t pay attention to this Galilean prophet if after being as dead as you and I will one day be he hadn’t walked out of the tomb. The Romans crucified Jews all the time. But as a good friend and colleague pointed out to me the other day our focus on the cross can obscure the point of the resurrection. We are meant to be transformed into resurrection people even if the cross is the way we get there. The cross accuses and convicts and like Peter brings bitter tears – and rightly so. But on the third day those who cower in courtyards of their own design are to walk out of tombs of shame and guilt to live as people set free from sin and death once and for all. It doesn’t mean we stop sinning or falling short of all we will one day become. It does mean we recognize that confession is for the amendment of our sinful life and act accordingly.


  1. The same Peter who a couple of weeks earlier ran weeping at the accusations of a little girl, now stands bold in the same court and in front of the same judges that sent Jesus to the cross. If there is a proof in Scripture of the power of the resurrection for us, this is it.

  2. Hi Greg! Hope all is well in CO. Do you think we have to live the resurrection differently as Peter's proclamation is pretty much business as usual for believers