Monday, September 8, 2014

Holy Cross Day Year A - Numbers 21:4-9

Numbers 21:4-9
I was bitten by a Coral Snake at Camp Lone Star, LaGrange, Texas, not because I complained against the Lord but because I was foolish and tried to pick up what I thought was a Texas Banded King Snake. There should be a rule or at least a helpful saying to prevent a college kid from Chicago from messin with Texas. Duh. “Red and yellow kill a fellow. Red and yellow venom lack” One wild ride to Brackenridge Hospital, Austin and a round of anti-venom later and I was as good as new which is more than I can say for the poor snake. The wilderness wanderings of Israel describe a difficult relationship between “You shall be my people” and “I will be your God” (Exodus 6:7). Both parties grow weary of each other on multiple occasions but of course “I will be your God” always has the last word. Which is to say “You will be my people” is “red and black venom lack” while “I will be your God” is “red and yellow kill a fellow”. The good news for the foolish and rebellious alike is that “I will be your God” continues to bear with “you will be my people” so that in the end the complainers and the foolish might go free.

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  1. In your text you have “Red and yellow kill a fellow. Red and yellow venom lack.” ...
    Which is it? The second phrase, if followed for a snake with Red and Yellow will most certainly invite a painful chomp and trip for anti-venom. Am I in error? I hope not.