Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lectionary 25 A - Psalm 145:1-8

Psalm 145:1-8
“One generation commends your works to another” is the way the faith has been passed down through the ages so that the ancient story of mighty acts and awesome works is not lost. More than myth the ancient story is retold in the living language of the generation entrusted to bear it into the infinite future. Granted, the “passing on” generation always hopes that their way of telling the story will be as enduring as the story itself and that the generation “receiving” the gift will not throw away the wrapping. But the truth is “the Lord gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” is the same for every generation, whether it's recounted on a Kindle or a scroll. 

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  1. Perhaps the value in one generation lauding God's works to another is the personal testimony inherent in it. It is good to say "the Lord is gracious and compassionate", but living language to say "let me tell you how the Lord has been/continues to be gracious and compassionate in my life." The lives lived in faith that came before us don't change the message but urge us, maybe even force us at times to open our ears and listen.