Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Resurrection of Our Lord Year B - Psalm 118:1-2; 14-24

Psalm 118:14-24
The Lord is the psalmist’s strength and song because in the “day that the Lord has made” the right arm of the Lord has done mighty things. But what about in the day when “the Lord punished me sorely” and the only place left to go was to be handed over to death?  If every day is a day the Lord has made then the Lord is my strength and my song everyday even in the dark day of death. That is why we can speak the words of Psalm 118 “there are shouts of joy and victory in the tents of the righteous” when we gather under a tent at a graveside service. Granted our shouts of joy and victory are subdued by tear stained eyes and sobbing but then contrary to popular thought it is not our voice that the dearly departed hears. No. They hear the vast multitude too great too count – a hundred trillion, gazillion voices and beyond shouting Alleluia (the aloha of heaven) for while we look at a casket and wonder how we can go on without them the one who has crossed over is filled with the wonder of beauty beyond imagination, joy beyond description, love that cannot be contained, life that is pure and full of peace, holy and eternal. Those are the voices longtime Calvary member Susan Thomas heard yesterday afternoon when she took her last breath in this life only to take her first breath in the next. As beautiful as Easter services will be at Calvary this Sunday I can’t imagine Susan will be sorry to miss them this year. We will miss her. I know I will. But the promise of Psalm 118 is that one day we will know what she knows and when the gates of righteousness open for us Susan’s voice will be one of the vast multitude that welcomes us shouting Alleluia! Aloha!

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