Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2 B - Acts 4:23-37

Acts 4:23-37
When the believers were of one heart and mind there were no needy persons among them. When their hearts and minds went their own way members who withheld were struck down dead (Acts 5 - Ananias and Sapphira) and widows who spoke Greek were denied their portion of the distribution of food just because they spoke Greek. (Acts 6) The golden age of the Christian community didn't last very long as even those who witnessed the resurrected Christ in person went back to living as if he were still dead. To be fair they thought Jesus would come back long before they had to cash in their IRAs and truth is being of one heart and mind was not as easy as Luke made it out to be. That has been the story of the church ever since. When we are of one heart and mind we embody the Gospel that lives the future in the present where the hungry are fed and the homeless are housed and the poor are provided for and no one is in need because all are one. When one weeps all weep. When one rejoices all rejoice. But when our hearts and minds are far apart from one another we live as if Jesus is still in tomb and the only security we have is the security we can secure for ourselves which is no security at all.

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