Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2 B - Psalm 133

Psalm 133
In three short verses Psalm 133 states the obvious and makes me wonder why the church doesn't pursue unity with more purpose. Instead of pouring the precious oil of peace on each other we heap insults and draw theological lines in the sand staining the collar of our robes with division. You might expect this of the more strident traditions but even the Unitarians, or so I’m told, don’t always get along. Go figure. It could be that we make unity nearly impossible because we wrongly assume that unity can only happen we everyone agrees. But the psalm doesn't say or assume that. Unity is a willingness to live with and love one another despite differences of opinion. The fragrant extravagance of good and pleasant unity is the blessing that falls from heaven as unity is bestowed from above whenever it is understood from below as the very essence of what it means to claim Christ as Lord. How good and pleasant indeed.

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