Friday, April 24, 2015

Easter 4 B - John 10:11-18

John 10:11-18
We had a Rambouillet lamb named Louie who grew up to be a sheep so tame as to be a nuisance. I’m not sure the Good Shepherd analogy works as well when the lamb won’t leave you alone and the hired hand is worn out by the constant bleating for treats. Then we tend to demand much from our Good Shepherd not the least of which is bleating for all manner of treats when we might be better without. But this text is about the Shepherd and not the sheep and whatever it is we do or say or need doesn't much matter as the Good Shepherd cares for us by both giving and withholding. Unfortunately we, like Louie, are often so tame to the way of faith as to be a nuisance to ourselves and everyone else for that matter. The good news is the Shepherd’s life laid down and picked up breaks through our “tameness” so that we come to know the Shepherd as intimately as the Shepherd know us.

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