Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent 4c - Micah 5:2-5

Micah 5:2-5

Josh and I came out of LA Fitness at 7 AM and got in the car. I opened the console to get my phone but it wasn’t there. Neither was my wallet. Nor was Josh’s bag with his cell phone and his sister’s iPod and the Derrick Jeeter jersey his grandfather bought for him when they went to Yankee Stadium. Gone too was the bank envelope with some cash for Christmas. Once we figured out we were robbed Josh asked, “Isn’t there a commandment about stealing from a pastor?” I said “I thought you went through confirmation, but maybe that was some other son of mine named Josh.” We had a good laugh and then he went to school to explain to his teachers how this time it wasn’t the dog who ate his homework but a thief who took it, while I started making phone calls to cancel cards. All in all not the best way to start the week for us or for the one who profited from our loss. While we are inconvenienced for a time and maybe have to get a little less than we planned, the one or ones who live by dishonesty and deceit have no choice but to live with their dishonesty and deceit. The truth is that judgment is in the sin itself whether one is caught or not. The Good News is that the One from Bethlehem, born of Mary’s labor, came to redeem both those who know that judgment is in the sin itself and those who live as if it doesn’t matter. The difference is that we who know that truth live securely for Jesus is our peace while those who stole from us still live under judgment. And for that I would say Josh and I are the richer and they in their dishonest profit have become poorer.

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