Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 1c - Colossiasns 3:12-17

Colossians 3:12-17

During the season of Lent I “Pastor up” as our Youth Director Janelle likes to say which means I wear my cleric everyday. I’ve thought about doing that throughout the year, not because I’m particularly pious or wish to be recognized as a reverend, but because it would simplify my morning ritual question, “What to wear?” And since I’m old school I don’t even have to choose a color. Black pants, black cleric and black suit coat and I’m good to go. Of course the reason I pastor up in Lent is not to simplify but to remember and that is what this fashion advice to the Colossians is all about. Remember you are chosen by God. Remember you are holy and beloved or in other words remember you are a desirable object of God’s affection. So what to wear? Paul’s list should simplify our selection and would if not for closets filled with thoughts and ways of being that don’t fit or have worn out or were never very attractive in the first place. And cleaning out the closet is painful even when helped by loving admonishment. But in the end cleaning our closets and improving our fashion sense is only possible if we are helped by those who bear with us and forgive us and encourage and compliment us. You look good in kindness. I think compassion really sets off the color of your eyes. You make that patience work, girl. So what to wear? While the answer is a little more interesting that black on black it’s just as simple. Remember to put on Christ and everything else will fit perfectly.

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