Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 1c - Luke 2:41-52

Luke 2:41-52

I’ve taken to writing my blog at Roots Coffeehouse on Grapevine Highway. It’s across from the TCC campus and I pass it after dropping Josh off at Birdville HS. They have organic, free trade coffee and change the Coffee of the Day everyday, unlike another place where the coffee of the day has been Christmas Blend everyday for a month. And the Wi-Fi at Roots is free. None of which has anything to do with the text, it’s just that they’ve been open for nine months and business has been slow and I’d like to keep blogging from my comfy chair. We don’t know what questions Jesus was asking or what insights he was sharing, but as an adult he was always opening the door to his father’s house wider than the door keepers cared to allow for he came to embody Mary’s song. The hungry well fed and the rich sent empty away; the powerful thrown down and the lowly lifted; the door opened to the blind, the lame, the tax collector, the sinner. But of course it will take more than asking questions and insightful answers to “fling wide the doors and unbar the gates.” In the end the curtain will be torn in two and the doors knocked off their hinges when the final lesson is taught and the one who came to open the door commends his spirit into the Father’s hands. God is always giving us opportunities to open the doors a little wider as well. Like in a coffee shop when in response to a Merry Christmas a woman shares her fear and concern for a father in the hospital and a blogger in a comfy chair who happens to be pastored up offers to pray. And for a moment the light shines in the darkness and the door is opened and Roots is the Father’s house.

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