Friday, June 1, 2012

The Feast of the Holy Trinity Year B - Conclusion

I’ve spent a week blogging on the texts for the Feast of Holy Trinity Year B without saying very much about the Great One in Three / Three in One so I suppose I should say something today. At Calvary we make our pastoral interns preach on Trinity Sunday to make sure they are not Trinitarian heretics which they almost always are to one degree or another. That is because the doctrine of the Trinity is the proverbial slippery slope and one misspeak sends you careening off into the “ism” abyss. (i.e. Docetism, Modalism, Arianism, etc.) Not that most people in the pew would recognize a heretical intern in our pulpit unless of course they happen to speak poorly of the Texas Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars etc. But actually it’s better if they just preach the Gospel as the doctrine of the Trinity is best left undefined so as to be believed as a mystery of faith, which allows us to embrace the God the historical Jesus choose to reveal as Father Son Spirit – all one phrase yet three words – which I’m sure has got to be heretical on some level.

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