Friday, June 15, 2012

Pentecost 3b - conclusion

Tomorrow morning my brother and I will run our first race together. It’s a four mile out and back in Fremont, Ohio. Mike took up running last year and took off weight, which is a good thing for Heinze men since thanks to our father’s DNA our hearts need all the help they can get. We’re also celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday which is also a good thing for the Heinze men, especially my dad. Long life lived well is a blessing that calls for a party. So after my brother and run the race set before us in Fremont we will gather around food and drink with family and friends and toast Mildred’s 80 years and wish her many more. The prophet Ezekiel imagines the Lord caring for the trees of the field as a metaphor for God’s tender care for Israel and us as well. The Psalm 92 song for the Sabbath gives thanks to the One who enables us to bear fruit, even in our old age. The confidence that comes from hope means we can live as new creatures in every circumstance. And the parables of the kingdom invite us to participate in what already is - the mystery of God come down so that the “thy kingdom come” can be seen and celebrated.

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