Friday, June 29, 2012

Pentecost 5b - conclusion

This morning I did my fourth LA Fitness boot camp in as many days with one more to go tomorrow. I’m not sure why I decided to (pardon my French) kick my butt all week long but as a result I’m finding it is difficult to get out of bed, get into my truck, sit down, stand up, in fact, anything that involves hamstrings and (pardon my Latin) the gluteus maximus is pretty much painful. The Pentecost 5b texts are all about healing. God’s never ceasing love and mercy means even when our lives are filled with grief and sorrow faith lives in the parenthesis (there may yet be hope). When our life is dressed in sackcloth and wailing the promise of an eternity of dancing dressed in garments of joy is a song that can be heard in the here and now despite the difficulty of each day. The help that Jerusalem needs is in the pockets of the Corinthians and their generosity will be healing for both. The woman bleeding and the girl dying both needed Jesus but the woman’s faith after the fact and Jairus trusting Jesus even when his daughter was already dead are miracles we can mimic.

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