Friday, February 5, 2010

Epiphany 5c - Conclusion

I'm posting this from American Airlines flight 460 non stop to Columbus, Ohio currently at 30,000 feet. How cool is that!

Isaiah “Here I am send me” speaks to a people who are dull, deaf, and blind. Paul writes to a people who should know better but act in ways that demonstrate they don’t. The disciples leave their boats to go fishing for people but won’t really get started until tongues of fire get them warmed up. And the psalmist anticipates that the way of the Lord will work its will and all the kings of the earth will join the song of praise. Like Isaiah we are sent to speak to a world dulled by distractions, deaf to the Word that is Love and blind to the Holy that longs to be known. With Paul we remind brothers and sisters divided to live the law of love because the story is best told when it is lived. Like the disciples we are not very good at fishing until something happens to us and the voice of the Lord that speaks in unexpected ways tells us to fish in the cafeteria. And so we join the psalmist in singing praise to God for all our speaking, and pleading and fishing anticipates the day when the little g gods will be stilled by the song that never ends.

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