Thursday, February 4, 2010

Epiphany 5c - Luke 5:1-11

Five years ago I started a lunch hour Bible study in the professional building on the campus of Harris Methodist in the office of Dr. Bob Machos. Dr. Bob is a well known and respected internist but when in causal elevator conversation I mention his name and the Bible in the same sentence I almost always have to repeat myself. “Yes, it’s that Dr. Bob. No really. Dr. Bob Machos.” We’ve worked verse by verse through the New Testament and the first three books of the Old but it’s always been a small group of Calvary members meeting behind closed doors. Last week we learned that holding a Bible study in the office was no longer something we would be allowed to do as it may offend patients or staff to have people walking through the office with a Bible. So after five years we have to move. Now at this point many Christians become militant, as if this were some sort of persecution or declare this to be another sign the country is going to hell in a hand basket or claim the first amendment and vow to fight for their rights. But the truth is we’d been fishing for five years behind closed doors and while we have been blessed we hadn’t caught anyone. Last week through nervous corporate officers Jesus told us to cast our nets on the other side of the building. That is how God works and why we respond not with anger or resentment but with joy for I am convinced that out in the open the opportunities for us to be amazed will break our nets and sink our boat. So like the disciple who gets a new name when he leaves everything to follow I’m going to give my friend a new name badge to wear while we fish for people in public. Pretty soon no one will be surprised to see Bible Study Bob casting a net every Tuesday at 12:30 PM in the Harris Methodist Fort Worth CafĂ©. Let the fishing begin!

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