Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent 1c - Luke 4:1-13

Luke 4:1-13
Country singer Lari White sings a song about temptation but she doesn’t need any help from the devil. “Lead me not into temptation I already know the road all too well. Lead me not into temptation I can find it all by myself.” Of course she’s singing about a “good looking thing” that caught her looking at him, but she’s the one who will tell him to “just get thee behind me and I’ll show you the way.” That is true for us as well. We know the road all too well and despite the best of intentions make choices based on our hunger, whatever need real or imagined, that demands to be filled. We believe the lie because it promises much and even though the lie never delivers we are willing to take whatever crumbs it offers. Tempted to live for self we turn stones into bread but are hungry still. Lusting after power and wealth and possessions we sell our soul but are hungry still. And when in the practice of our faith we look for proof of God in emotional experiences or carefully constructed theologies, or lives of rigid rules with self righteousness as our reward we find we are hungry still. That is the truth about us and the first step in a different direction is admitting we know the old road all too well. Honesty stills the voice of our hunger, whatever need real or imagined that demands to be filled, so that we hear the voice of Jesus singing a different song from another road that will one day be the only one we know. So hear the voice of Jesus say, “Just get thee behind me and I’ll show you the way.”

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  1. I really like that phrase put in Jesus terms. Just get the behind me and I'll show you the way. Very nice. I talked about being in the wilderness this past Sunday and believe that we could learn much about it from Jesus' time there. There staying in those moments, fully present and listening for God's voice can give us the clarity and insight that God is waiting to give. I also thought about the fact that the HOly Spirit led Jesus in and He led him out again. Never alone and always working for our good even in the midst of the tesing. Really appreciated getting hooked back into DWhen there are days you find yourself wondering if there is a tomorrow, this HS reassurance helped me remember I am always in God's hands, learning to trust in Him only. Deut 8:2f for some insight as well was also a great 'heart' tool and reminder. And then there's Psalm 91. I love all those verbs at the end about God's faithful actions in our lives...protect, honor, rescue...salvation. What great news. THanks for your thoughts. I continue to be moved and inspired. Have a great day, Susan