Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pentecost 2c - Luke 7:11-17

Miracle at Nain by Mario Minniti (1577-1640)
Luke 7:11-17
Two parades meet in the city of Nain. One led by Jesus. The other by a weeping widow. The Jesus parade, having just witnessed the healing of the Centurion’s servant, is following with anticipation expecting something from the prophet from Nazareth who never disappoints. The widow’s parade loudly wailing anticipates nothing as the widow’s only hope is borne lifeless on a bier. The parades meet in the gate where one will have to give way to the other. One might expect the Jesus parade to step aside and show some respect but the prophet from Nazareth filled with compassion will have none of that. “Do not weep” means the widow’s parade is the one that will step aside and when the son sits up the two parades become one because the prophet from Nazareth never disappoints.

My father called yesterday with news that a dear family friend, Phyllis Lucht, died suddenly. She was one who walked her whole life in Jesus’ parade, a kind, generous, compassionate and faithful Christian woman who I remember as always smiling or laughing, filled with the joy of the Lord. While the Lucht family and we who loved Phyllis will walk for a time in the widow’s parade, Jesus met Phyllis in the gate and as she anticipated her whole life the prophet from Nazareth, Jesus her Lord, her Savior, did not disappoint. As it is now true for Phyllis may it be so for us when one day we meet Jesus in the gate of death and he tells us to rise to eternal light and love and life.


  1. Phil, this was a beautiful tribute. Like you, we knew Phyllis well (and know your mom and dad too). Thanks for your thoughts, and give our best to your parents. Peter and Pat Faur

  2. Thanks Peter, I will pass on your greeting.