Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pentecost 5c - Conclusion

Pentecost 5c – Conclusion
The sanctuary of San Gabriel is ready for the faithful. With a new wood patterned floor, freshly painted walls and ceiling, the pews and altar and pulpit have been put back in place and the transformation brought tears to my brother’s eyes. I said to Pr. Jesus, “I bet you’ll have a crowd on Sunday.” He said, “We will next week. This Sunday Mexico plays Argentina at 9 AM in the World Cup.” Sounds like the 11 AM at Calvary when the Cowboys play an early game. Some things are the same in every culture. The building team finished strong, a building rising from nothing in a week and ready for the next phase which will be done by members of San Gabriel and Sam, the next door neighbor who found the church he had been searching for. As we left the fiesta the day camp kids were singing to us the songs we taught them and waving called to us, “come back.” There is no doubt we will for this week made us familia. After packing and cleaning Advent’s family life center we headed for the hotel and the Grapevine Mills Mall for a celebration dinner – the youth at Chili’s and the adults Texas Love and War. The day ended with worship. “Circled up” as we call it, sitting with our feet in the pool, singing “He Is Able”, our muscles sore, our minds tired but our spirits rejoicing that God gave us the strength to serve, considering us to be faithful and appointing us to service. (1 Timothy 1:12 –2010 theme verse) It doesn’t get any better than that.

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