Monday, June 21, 2010

Pentecost 5c - 1 Kings 19:15-21

1 Kings 19:15-21
I’m blogging this week while on a mission trip with 62 Calvary members to San Gabriel Lutheran Church in Alvarado, TX  where we are completing the sanctuary, holding a Day Camp and building a fellowship hall. I do the cooking and day camp openings and closings and lead evening worship. With a day that begins at 4:45 AM and doesn’t end till after ten I’m not sure how timely or coherent these posts will be, but I trust the Spirit will provide. One of the challenges of this trip is that while we’re staying at Advent Lutheran in Arlington we’re cooking lunch and dinner outside on a grill at San Gabriel, so I appreciate Elisha’s resourcefulness to make boiled BBQ. Of course it’s not about using the yoke to cook rather than contain the ox. It’s about moving forward and there’s no going back to the plow once the oxen have been eaten. San Gabriel is led by Jesus Escamilla, a parish lay minister authorized by the synod to word and sacrament ministry who like Elisha heard the call to follow. It is a church that started when Jesus, a plumber by trade, began leading Bible studies in homes. We had a moment to sit and rest in a little bit of shade today and watch the fellowship hall being built by Calvary’s youth and adult mentors. Jesus said when he sees what has happened in such a short time, how San Gabriel grew from a vision and a prayer he knows that he is blessed and that with God all things are possible. I agreed but thought to myself yes, all things are possible with God, but it helps if you have Jesus to work with, and I don’t mean the second person of the Trinity.

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