Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pentecost 5c - Luke 9:51-62

It’s eleven pm and my alarm will go off at four am tomorrow so I can have breakfast ready for the building crew by five. Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem. I’m setting mine towards my cot in the corner of the kitchen. But before I do I have a few snapshots of another productive and spirit blessed day. It seemed to us a “God-incident” that on the day we were to put a metal roof on the fellowship hall the sky was overcast and the temperature ten degrees cooler than yesterday. When the slip and slide sprung a leak Pr. Kyle fixed with a single piece of duct tape (of course) but the day camp kids told him to use two and make it in a sign of a cross. Oh, and they want us to come back next week and do day camp again. After the Fajita fiesta with the people of San Gabriel both Pr. Jesus and one of his parishioners spoke emotionally of what the building and the day camp means to them and how grateful they are to God for us. I told him we were the ones who have been blessed by them and are grateful that God’s plan was to bind us together. Oh, and Frank wants to go with us on our next mission trip, anywhere, anytime. He was thinking next week. But it was Pr. Jesus’ son Brian who summed up what this means for them as he talked about the children singing and laughing and learning about Jesus. “You’ve given us hope,” he said. He went on to say that now church is not just a place you come and hear the word and be bored (sorry Pr. Jesus I think my son might say the same thing) but it’s a place to have fun while you hear the Word and grow together in love. We could see it and sense it in these faithful people who had a dream that before our very eyes God is making come true. And with that I’m setting my face on my pillow.

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