Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pentecost 3c - Galatians 2:15-21

I’m blogging from the Bexley Monk in Columbus, Ohio having just finished a three day intern supervisor training event at Trinity Seminary. The Monk, formerly the Blind Monk, was the hangout of choice in my seminary days. A few of us considered the Monk an extension of the classroom and at a corner table would preside over animated conversations on all things theological. Of course I couldn’t afford the Monk in those days and and so moderation was the only option. The other hangout of choice was the Leipzig House, which was well within my budget and then some. Unlike the Monk the “Zig” was the local “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” (Garth Brooks) sort of place. While I didn’t “pastor up” back then I bet I wouldn’t look so out of place at the Monk, while I might raise some eyebrows at the Zig. Paul has the same problem with Peter who formerly went where no Jew had gone before but now under pressure has changed his behavior, if not his mind. At the heart of Paul’s accusation of hypocrisy, against the Rock upon which Christ promised to build his church no less, is the question of what makes one right with God. Jews sought justification by religiously obeying the 613 laws in the Torah. Paul sees justification in the invitation to die with Christ which is an invitation to die to any attempt to justify oneself. It is the invitation to be crucified with Christ that calls us to speak the Gospel where people might raise their eyebrows so that one day the rest of their bodies might follow suit. I suppose that means I have to leave my comfy chair at the Monk and go play pool at the Zig, even if I’m “Texas-ed up” (wearing burnt orange) and could be crucified for real in Columbus Ohio. Hook em Horns!

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